When Zane was really tiny we had a problem with flies in our house. I didn’t want to use any products with poison in them and we couldn’t find fly strips. What did I do, what every Techie Mommy does I turned to Google. I found some interesting solutions but most of the reviews said they didn’t work. Some of the most interesting suggestions were attract them with a glass of wine, setting out a plastic garbage bag with water, and making your own fly paper with sugar and corn syrup.

What did work for me? Hair spray. I found an answer on Yahoo answer about how you can kill flies with hairspray. We went out and bought a bottle of hairspray. This from the girl who’s only probably bought one bottle of hairspray in my life before this point. We hairsprayed those little buggers till they dropped.

It could take a few sprays to get one fly but even if they were still flying they seemed to disappear. Sure I had little sticky dead flies. But they found their own little holes to die in and never to been seen again. And if not I just wiped them up.

So if you want to try something non-toxic to kill some annoying bugs, try hairspray. I’m sure it would work on mosquitoes and knats, also. I wonder if it would work on ants?

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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