I had started writing this a while back because I thought it would be fun to share and to look back on. Everyday we learn a new word. Sometimes they stick and sometimes they are just there for a day. But I love hearing each new word.

As I was writing this up though I considered not posting it and just hit save not post. Then I came across this little post and I thought you know I should share this.

Zane’s Top Ten Words:

1. “Nigh-NIgh” (Night Night) Good Night or I want to go to bed.
2. “Oosh” (Shoes) – Look at my shoes.
3. “DaDa” – Mommy or Daddy.
4. “Uice” (Juice) – I want milk, water or juice.
5. “Ease” (Please) – Please, I want that.
6. “BooBoo” (Animal) – Look an animal or look it’s Morgil. (Our bunny is named Boo Boo)
7. “Itty” (Pretty) – Isn’t this pretty.
8. “H-ot Da” (Hot Dog) – I want a hot dog.
9. “Ju-dah” (Judah) – My lovey.
10. “Ca” or “Cruck” (Car or Truck) – Both mean the same thing, anything with wheels.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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