5 Amazing Reasons to Visit the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum and Wings & Waves Waterpark!

Come join us on an amazing adventure! We were invited to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum and Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark to share our experience with you. We got to see history up close, touch the moon, be inspired by the Spruce Goose, spend time as a family and have a water filled fun afternoon!

Zane Learning History and seeing it up close

See History up Close and Personal

Our first stop was the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. We were able to go right up to the most amazing planes and read about their history.

Looking at the cockpit

Each item had so much history behind it, TJ wants to go back and just spend a day to read each item and watch each video, the boys loved racing through and seeing how planes changed throughout history. Learning about how or why each one was created, learn about the history of their designs.

Spruce Goose

Be Inspired to do Something Bold and Brave

I loved being able to share the story of the Spuce Goose with the boys – sharing how Howard Hughs created one of the largest planes while being criticized the whole time.

spruce goose model

Hughes proved his critics wrong when he flew the Spruce Goose for one mile. The Spruce Goose is a great example of being bold and being brave! Follow your dreams!

Titan II getting a true to size view. #747waterpark #sprucegoose

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Have an Educational Adventure

We also got to go to the Space Museum and learn so much about history and space flight. The boys learned so much about our history of going into space.

Titan II

They were amazed to learn about our missions to the moon, see how the rockets really worked and to see our space shuttles up close.


Swim, Tube, and Slide!

After all the adventures in the Museums we got to go on another adventure to the Wings & Waves Waterpark! They had everything from tube slides to a wave pool to an amazing splash pad.


Zarek was just tall enough to do all the slides except the big one, this was his first time on water slides and he loved it!

Kiddie area at Wings and Waves. Great place to sit, relax and watch the kids play. #747waterpark #sprucegoose

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What I loved is when I started to get tired I was able to let the boys go play at the splash pad, chairs were set up to watch as the played in the water. I could relax and they could keep going!

Spend Time as a Family

There was a little something for everyone at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum and Wings & Waves Waterpark! TJ loved the history and education, the boys loved the interactive pieces of the museum and of course the waterpark!


I loved the memories that we got to make. This was the perfect day trip and we will have to add it to our Ultimate Summer Fun List!

If you are looking for a fun adventure this summer then check out the Aviation & Space Museum and Wings & Waves Waterpark!

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