putting the pieces of life back together

Pepper’s Weight Loss Story

My First Diet

I have been overweight since third grade. In middle school I made a mad dash to try and lose weight. I pretty much starved myself. I would drink a carnation breakfast drink (usually one spoonful in a glass of milk) for breakfast. I would have baked french fries with ranch for lunch, sharing them with my table (I know healthy choice right, I was 12), and I would pick at my dinner which I was required to eat because my step father made me. When I got down to 140lbs (still 10lbs overweight) my mom took me to Disneyland for the first time.

But Not My Last

After that first diet I still continued to gain weight consistently. Through high school, as hard as I tried not to, through college, and into my marriage. I was at least lucky enough to gain very little at my pregnancies, but after a year after Zarek’s birth I started gaining again. I started a new medication and I think that this made the weight gain even worse in 2010, gaining 50lbs in 6 months.

I was 270 pounds at my heaviest I’ve ever been. I tried diets and diets and diets, with no true success. I can lose 7lbs consistently each time I diet to only turn around and gain even more.

Turning Point

In the summer of 2010 was running up the stairs at my house trying to care for my two  boys and was completely out of breath after going up the stairs only once. I asked myself how I was going to keep up with these two active boys when I couldn’t even go up a flight of stairs. I wanted to not be an embarrassment to them as they started school. I wanted to be able to keep up with them and be able to run and play with them. But at 270 lbs that was never going to happen.

How I Lost It

I started researching weight loss surgery. I knew after experiencing diets before, that even if I lost the weight I needed help keeping it off or I would bounce back even heavier. I decided I wanted to have Lap Band Surgery. I researched where I wanted to go and what my insurance required. Weight loss surgery is not the easy way out.

I chose to go to Oregon Weight Loss Surgery. I had tons of testing including: an at home sleep test, blood tests, physical therapy testing, psychological test, and a metabolism test. I learned my thyroid is fine, I am low in vitamin D and B12, and I have a normal metabolism. I learned I have severe sleep apnea and now have to sleep with a c-pap.

My insurance required 6 months of doctor assisted diet. In March of 2011 I started eating a high protein, low carb diet and slowly started adding strength training to my daily routine.

I lost 50 lbs in 6 months.

November 2, 2011 I had my surgery.

I have learned so much before and after my surgery. The lap band is really just a tool to help you eat slower, be more aware of what you eat and eat smaller portions. I’ve talked about the truths behind lap band surgery before.

Six months after surgery I have lost 30 pounds, making my grand total of weight loss at this point 80 pounds.

Biggest payoffs

  • I have now been able to run to the park a half mile away with my boys.
  • Zarek loves to exercise with me and now I see that this life change will change his life also!

My Goals Continue

I want to lose an additional 30-40 pounds to get to my goal weight of 160 to 150 pounds. Want to join me and lose weight together? Then let’s connect!

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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! I have also turned to live a healthier lifestyle with my family and we are enjoying the journey along the way! It’s wonderful you have your family as a full team of support! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I’m so happy to read your weight loss story. Congratulations on a healthier, happier you!

  3. You look AWESOME sister! Keep it up! Congratulations on your transformation! You are making some sweet memories with your boys! That’s what life is all about!

  4. Lou Bee says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your inspirational story! I am also writing my own weight loss story – determined to lose 160 pounds. So far, I’ve lost 65. I feel good. Low carb, low fat, medium protein diet with lots of support! It’s working! Hooray! I’ve started swimming – 3 to 4 days a week. It feels good to remember how to move. I had forgotten.

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