Welcome to Pepper Scraps. We are sharing peices of our daily lives. We hope to inspire you and share with you that small changes everyday can make the biggest differences. You don’t have to go to extremes to become a healthy, happy family.

Healthy Mom = Healthy Family

That is my new life motto and I hope that it will be yours too. Together we can change our families making them healthier and happier. As mother’s if  we take the time to work on making ourselves healthier our families will become healthier.

I’ve seen this by personal experience. January 2011 I made the decision to lose weight. My main focus was to stay up with my two very active preschool boys. But as I saw the results in my health and saw my boys start getting active with me I realized I was changing my life and my boys.

After seeing these amazing changes I started sharing them here on Pepper Scraps. As I got messages from other moms at how I was inspiring them I decided to change Pepper Scraps to become a place to help other moms find a healthier them.

5 of my Favorite Posts:

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5 of my Favorite Recipes:

Don’t Forget …

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Disclaimer: Pepper Scraps is a personal blog written and edited by me. I am not a fitness professional and all posts are written from a personal perspective and based strictly on my own thoughts and experiences.