A Craft A Day: Coming Back Soon

At the end of last year I was doing one of my favorite little series, A Craft A Day. But life got busy, as it usually does around Christmas, and the series had to be put aside. But I’m bringing it back!

A Craft a Day gives you five activities that you can enjoy with your kids, one for each day of the week. Some weeks may have a theme and some may not but either way we are going to have some fun together. Most of these activities work well for preschoolers, but you may be able to adapt them for your toddler.

I will post them on Saturdays so you can use the weekend to get any supplies that you may need.


I’m working on a letter based curriculum with Zane, so each week will be based on a letter of the alphabet.

Week one will be all about the letter A. We will be doing lots of Apple activities. Week two will be the letter B and we will be doing butterflies and bug activities! And we will go all the way through the alphabet.

Subject of the Day

Zane and I will also be focusing on a subject each day.

  • Monday: Kitchen Day
  • Tuesday: Bible Day
  • Wednesday: Science Day
  • Thursday: Art Day
  • Friday: Extra Credit

You don’t have to worry about subjects but I figure when you see the activities you may see a pattern.

Are you Supermom?

Now I’m not supermom and I don’t expect you to be either. We don’t always get to each activity, sometimes life is just too busy.

Hopefully you may try one or two of these activities with me and my kids! You don’t have to do every single one. You don’t have to be doing preschool with your child.

I just hope to give you a resource for some great fun with your kids!

Be Featured

If you do any of these crafts and happen to take a picture or write a blog post about it please make sure and share your link in the comments. Also don’t forget to link the original crafter! I may feature you and your blog  on the following weeks post!



  1. Pepper
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