On a Craft a Day, I will give you five activities that you can enjoy with your kids, one for each day of the week. I will be posting them on Saturdays so that you can use the weekend to get any supplies that you may need.

Now I’m not supermom and I don’t expect you to be either, but hopefully you may try one or two of these activities with me and my kids! You don’t have to do every single one and you don’t even have to do it this week. I just hope to give a resource for some great fun!

Some weeks I may have a theme and some I may not but either way we are going to have some fun together. We are starting out this month with Turkeys. Gotta love turkeys!

  1. Turkey Centerpieces – Eek, these are just so cute and you can even have your littlest ones do some of the decoupaging!
  2. Turkey Handprints – I’m sure you remember doing these as a kid, now it’s your kids’ turn!
  3. Turkey Tubes – Got to love toilet paper tube crafts. This one is great because you can just give the right color crayons to your children and let them scribble away.
  4. Turkey Basket – You make the turkey and your kids’ make the feathers!
  5. Counting Down to Turkey – This is very cute and fun. I love advent calendars so we may try this this year. I like the idea of writing what we are thankful for on the feathers. This year I will write them for the boys but maybe later we will have them do it!

If you do any of these crafts and happen to take a picture or write a blog post about it please make sure and share your link in the comments. Also don’t forget to link the original crafter! I may feature you and your blog  on next weeks post!

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Pepper Ferguson

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