This week was soooo full. It is amazing I survived. I started writing this post to share about my self care day. But as I wrote I realized this week was it’s own post in itself and need to be written before I shared.

This is a great example of all the withdraws I have coming out of my emotional bank account.

Monday was filled with work…

… (I usually have this day off). Then a phone call from the school about Zarek having troubles at school (this is pretty common this month). I got home and grabbed the dog and walked to meet Zarek on the way home from school and we talked it out. 

I got home we did chores and school work. I worked on preparing the craft for Zarek’s class party.

Tuesday I had therapy…

… which has been a huge help through everything. I then had an appointment 15 minutes away. Grabbed lunch for my coworkers and went to work for the evening. I got a message from Kyle – Zarek was late from school. Then I got the call – he was refusing to leave. I talked to him and we decided to see if Kyle walking him home would help. I suspected he was sad to not be able to shop at the Book Fair. I asked Kyle to offer to take him to the fair and buy him something small.

After work I ran to Costco to buy a pumpkin pie (but you can never go to Costco for one thing). 


My therapist suggested having dessert on the days the boys are coming home after dinner with their Dad. Boys got home and I announced we were watching The Mandalorian and having dessert before bed.

Wednesday was my “day off”…

I got Zarek off to school and Zane ready for a doctor appointment. Zane and I got coffee and breakfast at Starbucks because I forgot breakfast as we ran out the door. 

We headed into Portland and as usual I got lost. We found a parking spot and ran to the appointment. Only to find out the doctor was running 40 minutes late. But that was okay Zane needed to work on a class project and we chatted. 

The doctor told us yes he has all the symptoms but the MRI didn’t show anything. But he wanted a more thorough MRI and X-Rays. I at least know I’m not crazy, the doctors see symptoms too.

We went and had lunch with Kyle, he just had an interview. After lunch we went to Best Buy to figure out a problem with our phones. We then ran home to be home when Zarek got home. We snuggled for a while then his Dad picked him up for dinner. Kyle and I did our weekly grocery trip. I got a call to schedule Zane’s MRI while trying to check out. 

Then we ran home to be there when Zarek was dropped off and ran to his therapy session. While he was in therapy Zane and I went for ice cream and talked. I taught him about the Apple and the Onion (I will be sharing this soon). Then back home with Zarek to go to bed. Woo was I tired. 

Thursday was easy…

…after Wednesday. Just a video doctor appointment and then off to work. After work I ran home took a quick nap. Then packed up the boys to meet with Grandma for dinner. We ate a great meal and visited but it was quickly time to go home and go to bed.

I was excited for Friday…

…because it was the day for Zarek’s Fall class party. I am trying to enjoy these last celebrations in his last year of grade school. I went into work that morning after quickly packing everything for the day. I had already arranged a long lunch for the party. 

On the way to work, I found out that my financial aid award was ready. I opened it up and was stunned and blessed. My excitement for my newest adventure, going back to school, was renewed.

Before leaving work I ran and got my coworker lunch and a little cash for Zarek for the Book Fair. Which was good because when I was 5 minutes away from the school Zarek called asking if he could buy the books he found.  

The party was a blast – so much noise and happiness. I gave Zarek a hug and told him I had to go back to work and that Dad was picking him up from home. I went back to work. 

What a week right?

That is what it is like lately being a single mom, rocking the working world, recovering my life from the past, being their for my boyfriend who’s there for me, and starting a new chapter in my life as a student. I think it’s time for an all day self care day!

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
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