Zane has a new hobby that he loves, fishing! My husband is loving teaching him how to fish and the other weekend we went out two times to different places to try fishing.

I wanted to help Zane create a little fishing game. I had seen a few different examples of these, I decided to  use the supplies I had at home and make our own.

Supplies: dowel, yarn, strong magnet, craft foam, paperclips, glue dots, google eyes

Pre Prep: I cut out the fish from the foam and attached the paperclips. I also cut out a fishing hook.

Step 1: Tie yarn on the end of the dowel

Step 2: Use glue dots to attach the string to the top of the hook and the magnet to the bottom of the hook
(you can cover your glue dot with a little extra foam where you placed the string to cover the exposed glue dot)


Step 3: Attach the eyes to the fish, both sides



Step 4: It’s time to fish!

You can use a towel or small rug as a “pond” inside.

fishing pond

Or you can use an empty kiddie pool outside.

zarek and the 'ish

Zane absolutely loves this game and actually cried when we had to leave to go to dinner because he wanted to stay and fish!

I’ve seen some great learning ideas you can combine with this game. You can have your children fish for specific colors to learn colors. You can write big and small letters on the fish with a sharpie and your children can try and make letter matches. You could also have the children give you a word that starts with the letter they “catch”. You can write numbers on the fish and teach your child addition, subtraction and more.

Any other ideas how you can use this to teach your children?

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Pepper Ferguson

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