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a smooth shave with gillette

Don’t you hate stubbly kisses? Has your husband attempted to grow out his facial hair but you were just relieved when he went back to shaving everyday? That is me too! I’m a wife who loves a husband with a smooth shave.


Meet TJ, you may have noticed that he has been being featured more on Pepper Scraps lately.

We have been together since we were 16, when he barely had to shave once a week. We will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary in a few weeks and we have been together for 18 years. We have gone through all the different shaving stages:

  • the only need to shave once in a while of youth
  • the shave only for work
  • the daily shaving
  • the goatee attempt
  • even the shaving his whole head

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A few months ago he attempted to try growing a mustache or goatee. It was a struggle through the stubbly stage and ended with him deciding it was too straggly. He decided to shave everything including his head. I was so happy when he decided to go back to a smooth shave, my face appreciated it too.

gillette shaving_1

We were at Walmart shopping for school supplies so we grabbed up the new Gillette Fusion Proglider razor for TJ to try out. He hadn’t shaved in a couple days and I was ready for him to! My cheeks were starting to hurt from the stubble.

What do you think of his #SummerSmooth shave thanks to #CollectiveBias?


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