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Crafts Valentine's Day Crafts

20+ Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

One of the things I love doing with my kids is craft with them. I love crafting and I love I can share my passion with them. Even if you feel like you are not the craftiest mom, I promise they will love spending the time with you creating. Valentine’s Day is a great time …

Crafts Valentine's Day Crafts

My Valentine Countdown

My husband is leaving swing shift. (Can we say yay!!) His first day work a regular shift is Valentine’s Day. I decided we needed to do something fun to count down to Valentine’s Day and our new family schedule. After thinking about it for over a week I finally came up with an idea on Jan 31st.

I quickly pulled out what arts and craft supplies I could find tucked here and there (as all my good stuff is in storage right now). This first day was easy I pulled out some MnMs and put them in a snack bag. I  cut some construction paper to make a bag topper. I wrote out with stickers and pens 14 days till we can have family movie night.

14 days till

I wrote on each little container or bag  ___ Days till/to…________ and I placed that many items inside the bag or container. Here are just some of the items I did:

13 days to
13 days to more programming and study time (13 Extra Large Smarties)

11 days to
11 days to more snuggle time (11 puffy craft balls)

9 days till
9 days till we can have family game night (9 playing cards)

I had so much fun making these. Every day I slip one into my hubby’s lunch or some days just give it to him.

What did you do for valentines day?

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