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2 Minute Iced Mexican Mocha with Your Keurig

I received the new Keurig 2.0 to try from Influenster. I’ve been a part of Influenster since they started, it is always so fun receiving their boxes. When they let me know I was selected to try the new Keurig I was super excited. I did an unboxing video and shared how the Keurig 2.0 …

Beverages Healthy Recipes

Easy Chia Seed Tea

I saw a wall full of fun new chia drinks at my local grocery store, though most of them were made with fruit juice. I don’t mind fruit juice but I don’t like drinking my calories. I was inspired to make a low calorie chia seed drink. Chia Seeds are amazing. When you soak them they …

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5 Easy Protein Shake Lunches

All Pro Science sent me a their 100% grass fed whey protein powder to review for you. I was interested in their protein as it has only 6 ingredients and I recognized the names of them all, you can check it out here, just click “Click For Supplement Facts”. I also liked that the main …

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Pink Pina Colada Smoothies for Busy Mornings

This smoothie has a little surprise built into it. Don’t you want to know why this is a Pink Pina Colada Smoothie? Well there is no artificial dyes, I promise. Instead of making a traditional green smoothie I decided to use beet greens instead. What happens when you add beet greens to a smoothie? Everything …

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5 Tools to Help You Drink More Water

The #64ozchallenge is about to start! Here are a few tools you may want in your house before you start the #64ozchallenge. Water is something that a lot of people struggle with even though they know that getting in their recommended daily amount of water can make a huge change in their lives. Water can …

Beverages Healthy Recipes

Cool Cucumber Mint Water

If you haven’t noticed July is all about Water on Pepper Scraps! Have you checked out the 30 Day Water Challenge – Drinking 64oz a day? Today I wanted to share a quick and easy way to make your water that more refreshing without really adding that many calories! Cucumber & Mint Water Ingredients ice …

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Spaghetti Squash with Peanut Sauce
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