Digital Life: Your One Stop Shop for Home Automation

Digital Life One Stop Shop for Home Automation

Have you been curious about the amazing innovations in home automation? I was too so I was so excited to get an invitation to check out a local home that had been set up with the Digital Life by AT&T. For visiting I received some fun swag and I was one of the lucky winners of a drawing winning a new phone, which I will be sharing with you soon!

One of my favorite features of AT&T Digital Life was that it was one system, one app and all integrated together. There are a lot of other companies jumping into the home automation market but you have to buy one piece here and another piece there. With Digital Life you can customize what you want in your package and have just one system with one app to control it all.

Home Security

Security is one of the main features of Digital Life and had some amazing features including motion sensors, cameras for inside and out, window sensors, sirens and more. Seeing some of the great videos of us coming to the door were great. We also heard a great story from the home owner about having high quality videos for the police to catch someone trying to break into their home.

I thought the home security features could be great for more than just security. You can get notified when a package was dropped off on your doorstep. Which with the holiday season coming this can be really important.

There were also some great features you could add including a door or window sensors that you could set up reminders for when they were left open. Which I can’t tell you how frustrating it is coming home to find one of the kids didn’t close the door.

Remote Access

Remote access was a feature that I loved as a mom. Your door is set up with keyless entry with the use of a unique PIN code. What I loved about that is you can set up to receive a text message when someone uses their code.

What first came to mind for me was when my kids were old enough to be home alone. I could imagine wanting to know if they got home from school while I was running errands. With the unique pin number I would get an instant text message that they got home!

Also this was a great feature to have when you have a pet sitter. You could give them their own code and see when they came and left while you are on vacation

Energy Saving

This is one feature that I’m sure you have heard about because it is becoming very popular. With the Digital Life energy package you can control small appliances, lights, and your thermostat from your phone from anywhere. Which I would love to be able to change the thermostat in the middle of the night without getting out of bed wouldn’t you?

Water Sensors

I know that I shared when we had the water damage on YouTube while we were daily vlogging last summer. So when I heard that you could get water sensors I instantly thought how that could have saved us so many times. Actually it could even have helped me last night when my kids flooded the bathroom!


All From Your Phone & Computer Anywhere

My all time favorite part of Digital Life was that you could control all of this from your phone, tablet, computer anywhere in the world! This included seeing videos from your home, getting warnings that there was water around your water heater, let someone into your house while you were gone, know if someone opened your backdoor, and so much more!

What home automation option is on your wishlist?

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