Family Fun Lego Kidsfest
LEGO® KidsFest invited us to attend their awesome event and it was an awesome event!

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First thing you see is the LEGO® Model Museum. The 3d figures were amazing and I loved the kids were able to touch the models. They just looked at them in wonder and loved getting their picture taken with their favorite characters.

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We took a few minutes to look at the diaromas. But then we were ready to start building!

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We headed to the Creation Nation area and started building! We dug through tubs of LEGO®s finding just the right pieces to make our creations to be added to the map of the United States.

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Our next stop was LEGO® City where the boys were able to create a fire truck to take home.

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They also got to meet a real live LEGO® guy!

I really enjoyed checking out the LEGO® Art Gallery and the boys had fun creating their own pixel art to be added. Zarek made a zombie and him. Zane created a fairy land map. I may have to have them create LEGO® art at home!

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The boys then headed to the Race Ramps. They loved building their cars and racing them. We could have spent the whole evening there!

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The LEGO® Chima’s were next. We got teamed up into our own tribes and then raced to see how many racers we could get across the arena. The highlight of the Chima Arena was we got to take home our own Chima set!

We ate dinner there as they were not allowing food into the convention center. This is one thing I felt was not a positive experience. It took us over an hour to get the boys Pizza. There were not enough food vendors for the event, especially when they were not allowing you to bring snacks in. They said this was Convention Center Rules – but when we went to Comic Con they were not searching bags and confiscating food.

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We also had to check out the Ninjago Area! It was time to battle! The boys really loved this area as Ninjago’s are there favorite.

There was so much more I could keep on going but we absolutely had a blast! Time flew by and we were there 4 hours and still had things we could have done and seen. The items we took home were worth way more than the cost of the tickets would have been, plus we had an amazing experience.

Three things I loved:

  • It was not only fun but educational
  • We were able to get great ideas for Christmas presents
  • It is geared for everyone in the family toddlers, young kids, older kids, and even the adults!

If LEGO® KidsFest is coming near you I highly recommend grabbing your tickets fast! They sell out fast and I can see why!

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