Family Photos Are So Important

Easy Canvas Prints sent me a 8×10 canvas to review. Our family needed an updated family photo for our photo gallery so I was happy to take a look at their products.

Family Photos are Important

It is so important for you to be in photos with your family. You may be battling your weight, you may be self conscious of photos of yourself, but really make an effort to still have photos of yourself. You may not like the photos but your family will love having them. Now and later. You have to Look Beyond the Photo.


Even if you Hate Your Photo

I absolutely hate seeing this photo of me, but on the other hand I’m so glad we got family photos done. Even though I dislike this photo I will keep it. It’s a reminder of me at my heaviest, but it will be an heirloom for my children.

Family Photo

Even if the Photo isn’t Perfect

We may not be dressed perfectly and Zarek may not be looking at the camera but this photo will always be a reminder of our first camping trip together. It will always bring back happy memories. I did a little editing and cropping on the photo to


Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints really are easy! I just uploaded the photo and it was ready.

I liked how they had a gauge for you to let you know if the quality of the photo would turn out well with the size of canvas you chose. I was concerned with this photo as I did a lot of cropping and sometimes that can degrade the photo and the print. The gauge told me it was great and it turned out great.

You could choose the thickness of your canvas and the edging of the canvas. They also had options for you to retouch your photo, turning it to a black and white, or turning it to a sepia photo.

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