Flower Seed Bombs with Free Printable

Flower Seed Bombs for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we love making homemade Mother’s Day gifts. I had heard of seed paper but I wanted to make something a little more fun so we made flower seed bombs. These would also make amazing teacher gifts as well!

Flower Seed Bombs StepbyStep

Supplies for Flower Seed Bombs:

  • Paper (this is a great recycle project)
  • Seeds (I used wildflowers)
  • Food Processor
  • Water
  • Fine Mesh Strainer
  • Silicone Ice Cube Tray or Candy Molds
  • Newspaper or towels
  • Free Printable
  • Stapler
  • Snack Sized Bags

Flower Seed Bombs How To Video:

How to Make Flower Seed Bombs Step by Step Photos

Click images to get step by step instructions with photos in slider format.


Step 1: Tear paper into small peices

Step 2: Add paper to food processor

Step 3: Add water to food processor let sit for a few minutes

Step 4: Process until paper is turned into pulp

Step 5: Add seeds to paper pulp and stir gently by hand

Step 6: Place paper pulp into strainer and  press out as much water as you can

Step 7: Press paper pulp into molds (make sure you pack them tightly)

Step 8: Pop out little seed bombs

Step 9: Place on tea towel or newspaper and let dry for 24-36 hours

Get Free Flower Seeds Bomb Printable

Flower Bomb Bag Toppers by PepperScraps

Download Flower Seed Bomb Bag Topper Printable

How to Package Flower Seed Bombs Step by Step Photos

Click images to get step by step instructions with photos in slider format.

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