I’ve been working on having a morning routine, I found myself struggling not sure where to start each morning. I kept forgetting to eat breakfast. I kept not putting my makeup on or any of the other little things that make me feel more human during the day.

I sat down and looked through the Google Play Store to see if there was an app that could help me. I downloaded a few to try but my favorite app: Routinery:

The Routinery App

I have created a morning routine and a night routine. I have only used the morning one so far, but it’s made such a big difference in my mornings. I feel more set for the day.

My Routine

Now that I have used the app for a couple weeks I’m updating my routine just slightly. That’s the great part of the app. I can move around the habits I need to, I can add habits, and I can adjust the amount of time I need for each habit.

  • Drink water (2 min)
  • Get ready for the day (15 min)
  • Take vitamins and pills (2 min)
  • Breakfast (10 min)
  • Writing (10 min)
  • Yoga (30 min)

Every morning my app reminds me to start my morning routine at the time I set up. I then start the routine. It sets up a countdown clock and we are off on my habits.

I really like if I get interrupted by a call or a kid I can pause my timer. I can also add more time to a habit – like writing if I get really inspired – or I can just click the check mark if I have finished it early to move on to the next habit. Also if you need to you can skip a habit if you need, like if you are going out to breakfast you can just skip the breakfast option.

Should I Subscribe?

I am tempted to subscribe for the premium features of the app that include showing how you are doing overall with each habit, unlimited routines, and more. I rarely subscribe to an app but this might be one that I do subscribe to.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

Hi I'm Pepper. My family and I are sharing pieces of our lives.
We hope to inspire you by showing that even small changes can make the biggest differences in your life. You don't have to go to extremes to become healthy. Just do it one habit, one meal, one walk, and one hug at a time.

Let's work together one piece at a time making better habits, eating healthier, getting moving, and most of all loving our families.

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