Have you seen the newest remake of the Google Market Place –  check out Google Play.

To top off their introduction of Google Play they are now offering 25 cent daily deals. You can purchase a featured app, video rental, book and album each day for a week. They are calling it the “7 Days of Play”.

Also right now you can check out a sale on 25 of their popular apps all on sale for 49 cents. I thought I would share some of my favorites from this list:

Preschool Apps

It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex

Gotta love this book! There are actually two books on the 49 cent list, but this is my favorite of the two. Zane spent some time looking at it and is thrilled to learn more about dinosaurs. This is a preschool must.

World of Goo

Great app for a preschooler who is used to playing games on a tablet. I got this for Zane and at first I thought it may be a little beyond him. After showing him a few buttons like retry and explaining he had to finish a level to get to the next he played this for over an hour this morning. Well worth 49 cents!

Also after showing him how to get out of a level he was stuck on I realized I wanted to download it onto my phone to play. LOL



Okay hubby told me that I should download this because he had heard some great reviews on it. I played it a little last night and it was okay. It’s a little bit of a slower game. I may give it another try but I’m actually thinking that this might be another game for a preschooler. Once you show them that you move the little ball around the screen with tapping behind it they may have fun scooting it across the screen. I’m still glad I grabbed it for 49 cents.

Health Apps

Endomondo Sports Pro

Okay I actually grabbed up this app when they were doing the 10 cent days, but I would still say it would be worth 49 cents to buy right now. If you are interested in a fitness tracking app then for 49 cents you can track your goals, your calorie burn and you can do it all socially. I will admit I haven’t tried it out yet, but am excited to get it going on my phone so I can start tracking my jogging!


Swift Key X

Even if you like the keyboard on your current device I would highly recommend picking up SwiftKey X at 49 cents! What you may find is that the next phone or tablet you purchase you do not like your keyboard and you will already have this available to use and you got it at a great price!

Camera ZOOM FX

This is my favorite camera app at the moment I even have it set as my default camera on my phone. If you are envious of Instagram users then you need this camera app. You can use filters, frames and do some fun effects to your photos. If you have found a camera app like Instagram you have to share it with me. But this is the best one I have found yet. And it’s available for 49 cents right now!


So those are my picks from the 49 cent list. A few apps for your preschooler, a game, a health app and some fun extras for your phone.

Do you have any suggestions of other apps I should pick up?

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Pepper Ferguson

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