I know I was gone the whole month of December, did you miss me? I have missed you, but December was a hard month for me. I was working a lot and I was having a lull in my business and I was incredibly stressed over Christmas.

All of this added in to just needing a break and having one less thing to worry about and more poor blog ended up being one of those things.


Christmas was amazing! I worked hard and almost everything fell into place perfectly.

The boys loved Christmas. This is the first year we got to teach Zane Christmas songs and read Christmas books and he really understood what was happening. Zarek was much more aware and he loved all the family get togethers and presents and decorations.

Zane’s Christmas

For Zane we did something extra special. He had received a large remote control Lightening McQueen from his Granny (from a  garage sale) a while ago. He loved that poor car to falling apart in multiple pieces. He even slept with it. We finally took it away from him when it started splitting in half and told him we were sending it to Santa to see if he could find a mechanic to work on him.

We bought a new car similar but not remote control ( he ruined the gears in the original because of this feature). We put a big green bow on him and placed him by his bed when he was sleeping. He woke up and the first thing he told TJ was Now when he finds a broken toy he lets us know we can send it to Santa to get it fixed.

Another big find, one of my friends helped us with, was a big care bear. Zane loves Care Bears and I looked to find him a Care Bear, but soon found out they had taken them out of stores and all the ones I found on amazon were $25 to $50. I just couldn’t let myself pay that much for a Care Bear.

But my friend Andrea was at Good Will and found the biggest Care Bear (and of course Zane’s favorite the pink Cheer Bear) for only $4!

Zane was running around trying to carry that thing everywhere on Christmas Day and even now! And now it sleeps with him every night!


Zarek’s Christmas

Zarek got to have a huge fun ball pit/tent/tunnel that we have put in his room. It was all setup for him when he came down the stairs. He was more thrilled with some of Zane’s toys, but once we set up the ball pit in his room and laid down the foam squares Granny had bought he was in love. Both him and Zane flip and dive in the pit like crazy, screaming and laughing so hard. It is great!


My Christmas

I didn’t get my present on Christmas but on New’s Year Eve. I got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet! I love it. I’ve been needing something to replace my netbook since it’s little accident and this is perfect. I got the ATT version but didn’t get the 3g, I’m fine with just using it with WiFi. I’m really loving it so far!

That was the big things in December as you can see you didn’t miss much, but hopefully I will be able to get back into the swing of things and start blogging regularly.

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Pepper Ferguson

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