Healthy Bentos of the Week: Halloween Week

Healthy Bentos Halloween Week

This week I wanted to start getting the boys into Halloween mode, so this week is all about Halloween. I did make one mistake this week. I forgot Zane only had school for 2 days, I planned 5 days of bentos. We still did them and even one week I used my Handi Foil Cupcake Pans for the boys. Handi Foil sent me pans for my previous posts and I have seen a lot of moms use them for lunches. It really is another fun way to do lunches at home.

bento 10072013

Monday: Spider Bento! I made a fun cracker spider that sat on a spider web pb sandwich and I thought the grapes made great spider eggs!

bento 10082013

Tuesday: Monster Bento! I made Mummy cheese sandwhiches, apple & pb monster mouths, broccoli pumpkin patch, and monster eyeballs with olives and cream cheese. Zane didn’t like the melted cheese sandwich, but he ate a lot of it.

bento 10092013

Wednesday: Ghost Muffin Tin! I made cream cheese and bagel ghosts, orange ghost, broccoli ghost trees, and ghost poop (popcorn).

bento 10102013

Thursday: Jack o’ Lantern Bento! Pumpkin grilled cheese, ghoul-fish (gold fish), sweet pepper pumpkin and an orange pumpkin. I was planning just a regular cheese sandwich but since we were home for lunch I toasted it.

bento 10112013

Friday: Witch Bento! Witch Hat PB&J, string cheese & pretzel witch’s brooms, whith fingers (carrots), and Healthy Witch’s Mix (Recipe below!)

healthy witch mix

Things I Learned

  • Look at the calendar before planning lunches for the week
  • Zane does not like melted cheese cold

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What was in your kids lunches this week?

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