Heathly Bento Lunches Rainbow Week

This week I wanted trying to make each lunch the day before. It was actually not that hard, but hubby was on vacation this week so I only made Zane’s lunches. I will probably try making the lunches the day before again and see how it is to make four lunches everyday.

This week I went with a rainbow theme. Zane loved it! On Saturday he asked, “What color is lunch going to be today!?” LOL

I got these boxes at Michael’s for 50 cents each on clearance. I sometimes had to use a rubber band to make sure they stayed close, but they worked great.

Bento 992013

Red day included strawberries, sliced red mini sweet peppers, mozzarella Babybel, and sliced hot dogs. I had Zane try the sweet pepper for the first time. He was very hesitant, but then decided he loved sweet peppers! This was awesome, I was excited to have another vegetable to be able to pack for him.

Bento 9102013

Orange day included mango, cheddar cheese, carrots and orange goldfish. Mangos were a new fruit for Zane. He must have loved them as the bento came home empty.

bento 9112013

Yellow day included a peanut butter sandwich, pineapple chunks, sliced mini yellow sweet pepper, and a few goldfish for fun. I know the sandwich wasn’t really yellow, but Zane loves peanut butter sandwiches.

bento 9122013

Green day included macaroni and cheese with a touch of blue dye, green grapes and spinach. When I asked Zane what he wanted for veggies in his lunches this week he popped up with spinach. His favorite veggie right now is spinach! The mac and cheese came back home. Zane swears he was saving it for later.

bento 9132013
Purple and blue day included Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds (sent to me to sample), blueberries, hard boiled egg dyed blue, cheese stick with blue smiles, and Matt’s Munchies Mango and Acai fruit snacks. Zane loves hard boiled eggs as long as they have salt on them. It did take him a little while to get used the the yolk, but with a little work with him he now eats the whole egg!

Things I Learned

  • Let them sample something really new at home first. Zane had picked around the peppers before, but sampling helped
  • Sometimes your child might not tell you he didn’t like something, you just have to pay attention to what comes back
  • Having something as simple as a color a day can make your child excited about lunch and trying new food.

What was in your kids lunches this week?

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