Easter Week of Bentos

It’s almost Easter! This week I created some fun Easter bentos, which would be great even as just spring bentos too!

Easter Bento

Monday: Cheesy Chick Bento, cheese slices cut into circles with a cheese beak, whole wheat crackers, carrots, bed of spinach and grapes.
Easter Bento_1

Tuesday: PB&J Bunny: Bunny shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cucumber eggs, grapes, and bunny pretzels with nuts and raisins.

easter bentos_1

Wednesday: Easter Egg Bento: Ham slices, spinach, grapes, easter eggs stuffed with Aunt Annie’s bunny crackers, and 2 Peeps for a treat.

easter bentos_2

Thursday: Cheesy Easter Egg: Easter egg shaped cheese sandwich decorated with food pens, sweet pepper eggs, grapes, and Aunt Annie’s bunny crackers.

easter bentos

Friday: Chick Eggs Bento: Hardboiled eggs with sweet pepper beaks, bunny pretzels, grapes, and Peep for treat.

Things I Learned

  • Don’t grab every cute themed treat, we still have tons of bunny crackers and pretzles, some I didn’t even use.
  • Rule for treats in the bento: If you want a treat the next day your must eat your veggies.

What was in your kids lunches this week?

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