Healthy School Lunches Reading Books Theme

Zane is currently doing a 100 book challenge as he has fallen behind in his reading level. I thought doing a fun book theme for his lunches would be another great way to encourage him to read. Also a fun way to celebrate Dr Seuss’ birthday!

Book Bento Green Eggs and Ham sm

Monday: Green Eggs and Ham Bento: Ham, egg dyed in green, broccoli, and apples in red and white stripes.

Book Bento Ants on a Log sm

Tuesday: Ant on a Log Bento: Peanut butter celery with raisin ants, ant kabobs (olives), Aunt Annie’s Bunny Graham Crackers, and apples.

This is a book from Zane’s reading bag from school that he loves. A dad helps his boys make a healthy snack instead of having cookies and ice cream after school.

Book Bento goodnight moon  sm

Wednesday: Goodnight Moon Bento: Waffle PB&J sandwhich, cheese stick (cow jumping over the moon), Aunt Annie’s Bunny Graham Crackers with Gold Fish Moons, and applesauce (mush) carrot stars.

Book Bento one fish two fish sm

Thursday: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Bento: Fish cheese sandwich, broccoli “bubbles”, goldfish, and apples.

Book Bento zoom rocket zoom sm

Friday: Zoom Rocket, Zoom! Bento: Rocket PB&J sandwich with grape windows and broccoli smoke, Space Goldfish, and mandarin orange planet.

Things I Learned

  • Grab up fun snacks when you see them, I found the space goldfish and grabbed them up
  • Fun themed lunches can help make school even more fun, even school
  • Think outside of the box with veggies like adding the carrot stars to the applesauce. To get the sweet part of the lunch he had to eat the carrots too.

What was in your kids lunches this week?

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