It’s that time of year when you go out in search of the perfect pumpkins. Well I am lucky I have three perfect little pumpkins at home. But we were a little unlucky with our bills this last month and were very tight on money. It’s amazing the meals you can figure pull out of a bare pantry when you are worrying about it 24/7.

We had an offer to go and get pumpkins free this years from a family friend, but trying to find the time between work, TJ’s work and Zane’s two year old crankiness was going to be near impossible. And since money was short I was sure that we would not get pumpkins this year. Which I know Zane and Zarek would not remember not getting pumpkins and they wouldn’t feel like they were missing out, but I wanted to do it for them.

One huge blessing this week was from one of our patients and a friend of my co-workers. She came by with her truck with the back filled with the most perfect pumpkins I’d had ever seen. She let me have as many as I wanted. I was so excited. I was able to have pumpkins for the boys. God is so good, he knew my hearts desire and He found a way.

We got four pumpkins. Zane painted his, Zarek got to footprint his, Zane designed mine (with directions), and TJ carved his. Here are some fun pictures of the evening…

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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