Today a friend asked how I got the pictures of the dinosaurs for the Color Science project. I actually print out a coloring sheet for each boy for each lesson day, so I find 8 coloring sheets for each week on the letter of the week. I have gotten really good at finding coloring sheets for them. Here are some of my tricks.

I have a few bookmarks for sites for coloring, but when I’m looking for a specific subject I use Google Images.

Search Terms

The terms that I use to search include:

  • preschool _____ coloring sheet
  • preschool _____ coloring pages
  • ______ coloring sheet
  • ______ coloring pages

I also do letter tracing pages for Zane, these are the searches I use to find those:

  • (LETTER) tracing worksheet
  • (LETTER)(SUBJECT) tracing worksheet
  • tracing letter (LETTER) preschool worksheet
  • tracing letter (SUBJECT) preschool worksheet

You will get lots of options, plus Google will give you more search terms to try also.

Refine Your Search

You can refine your search by clicking black and white images and also clicking line drawings in the sidebar. This is great if you get a lot of photos and art in your results and want to get straight to the coloring pages.

Find the Best Page

You will have to open up a few to make sure that they are a high quality printable image.

To do this right click on the image you like and select “open in new tab”.

You will have to close the window that pops up in front of the new tab and look at the page offering the coloring sheet.


Most of the sites offering a coloring sheet will have a print button available or have the page in a pdf that you can download and open.

Now you have unlimited coloring pages for your kids!

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