I Can’t Wait, but Yes I Can

Why is it that I always seem to think in my head “I can’t wait until you can . . .” do this or that as a look at my children. I remember doing this with Zane when he was a baby. I remember saying to myself as Zane attempted to roll over, “I can’t wait until you can roll over”. And then it was, “I can’t wait until you can crawl, you will be so much happier.”

There is always an excuse attached too. “I can’t wait until you can talk and then I will know what you want.” I still do this with Zane right now my big one is, “I can’t wait till you are out of your tantrum filled terrible twos.” Even as I look at him and think, stop growing, stop growing, your so big now I will the next moment wish for him to be older, bigger, learn something new.

Even now with Zarek I do the same thing. I pray for him to sleep through the night. I get excited for him to take his first step. I am wanting to skip this hard process we are attempting (starting tonight) of moving him into the same room as Zane.

Now I try and stop and bask in the beauty of the stage they are at now. I try to remember them at this point. I try to remember that this too shall pass, good and bad.

Do you struggle with this with your children too? Does half of you celebrate when they grow out of one stage and are in the next? Am I the only mommy to look to far in the future and not enjoy the moment?


    • Pepper
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