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Immune Support with Ester-C

One of the hardest struggles with eating a low calorie diet is getting in your nutrition and getting all the immune support your body needs.  I’m very excited to start out this year by trying out Ester-C 24 hour Immune Support, I needed a high quality vitamin C supplement added to my routine, I will also use forskolin extract for weight loss as I have heard such good things.

When I started on my diet almost four years ago I knew I needed to find good supplements, but as soon as I got them I would forget to take them. This year I’m changing that!


3+ Years of Low Calorie Lifestyle

My life change in 2011 when I made the biggest choice in my life to fight for my health and fight my weight. I changed how I ate and I knew it would be life altering. I no longer can eat a 2,000 calorie diet and keep my body at a healthy weight. I eat an average of 1200 calories per day under the instruction of a nutritionist, but eating that low of calories means that I don’t get the nutrition my body always needs. I have to take supplements.

This summer I had a nutritional consult and we started talking about my health. I was reminded that my body needs more nutrients than I was getting in my diet.  I start researching supplements and started taking them and started feeling better. I got a high quality vitamin B12 with minerals and a high quality fish oil to take.

But then the holidays came.

I Need Post Christmas Immune Support

I stopped taking my vitamins and supplements and I didn’t pay attention to my body until it was too late.

I should have remembered that every year after holidays I’m exhausted. All the holiday prep, all the visits to stores, eating my low calorie diet to maintain my weight and just the stress over the holiday I get exhausted.

One of my goals this year is to make sure I take all my supplements! That included adding Ester-C 24 Hour Immune Support to my other supplements.



Ester-C 24 Hour Support at Walmart!

I went to my local Walmart Neighborhood Store and picked up a box of Ester-C 24 Hour Immune Support 1000MG. I went with the 1000MG because I liked the idea of taking one tablet a day, this tablet is larger so if you have troubles with large tablets I would go with the 500MG tablets.


I was excited to find a high quality Vitamin C supplement to add to my daily supplement regimen. Especially a Vitamin C that I could find right at my local Walmart.

Tip: One of my favorite things is that it is also stomach friendly and I know sometimes my stomach can’t handle some forms as easily as others.

How to Make Sure You Take Your Daily Supplements

I will be adding Ester-C to my morning routine with my other supplements. I found one way to make sure I am taking my tablets everyday is making it a part of my morning routine. For me that means placing a cup of water next to my bed with a tablet box with my supplements. I also will be adding a reminder on my phone to remind me at 8am every morning if I haven’t already taken my supplements to do it right then.

Learn more about Ester-C on their official Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

How do you make sure you take your supplements everyday? Is Vitamin C a supplement you are looking to add into your daily routine?

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