#PSLoveMe is starting February 1st! This challenge (formally known as the #LoveMe challenge) is a challenge for you to learn to love yourself! Everyday their is a prompt to help you look at something that makes you special. Look at these things that make you unique that have created the wonderful person you are! #PSLoveMe may be hard but the results will be rewarding.


How the Challenge Started!

In 2011 I did a 52 week challenge, I took a photo of myself every week for a year. It was hard, it was one of the points in my life that I was my heaviest, but I really learned a lot from that project. One of the things I learned is that I need to not be so hard on myself and love myself. I hope that the #PSLoveMe Challenge could do the same for you.


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2016 will be the third year for the #PSLoveMe challenge! Join the #PSLoveMe Challenge learn more about yourself and learn to love you.

What is the #PSLoveMe Challenge?

#PSLoveMe is a challenge to learn to love you. Everyday there will be a prompt for you to look at yourself, embrace who you are, and hopefully help you learn that you are beautiful, you are amazing, and you need to love who you are!

How do I participate in #PSLoveMe?

Everyday there will be a prompt, you can share an instagram, a tweet, a blog, a video or even just in our fb group page that was inspired by that prompt. Just make sure if when you share add the hashtag #PSLoveMe.

Share with a Photo

Your photos can have the story shared with them. If the story is personal and you just want to share the photo alone as a reminder for you that’s fine. You can share photos on instagram, twitter, or even your blog.

You get bonus points for sharing a photo of yourself. I know so many people who hate photos of themselves, but it’s so important to take those photos. Definitely stop and read my post: Look Beyond the Photo.

Share with a Blog or Video

You can dive in even deeper with a blog post or a video. Share more about yourself, what the prompt brought to mind. If you do blog or create a video I hope that you will share it with us.

What if I Miss or Skip a Prompt?

If you miss a prompt just keep going, missing one prompt one day does not mean you failed. You can chose to either catch up the next day or just skip that prompt.

If you don’t like the prompt for the day you can just skip it if you like. Or if you have another idea you want to share that would be awesome as well!

How to Join!:

Step 1: Join the PS Challengers Facebook Group!

With Facebook Group you can:

  • Share your links with others
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  • Too shy to share in public? The group is a safe place to share

Step 2: Share with Others! Invite Your Friends!

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Download the #PSLoveMe challenge prompts image and upload to Instagram or share on your blog. (Please don’t crop off the and link back to me on instagram (@unicornbeauty) or my blog.)

Step 3: Connect & Follow (Optional)

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