Monday Menu Plan (Jan 21st)

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Making one large pot meal and eating it throughout the week is actually working out better than I would have ever thought. I thought I would get bored with eating the same thing each day but actually it is making me more creative and a lot less stressed.

I figured out I can take the same meal and completely change it by the way I serve it or with what I serve it with.  I had chili on top of spaghetti squash which made it so great! Or I one night I just chopped up an avocado and mixed it into the chili. Same meal, but completely different.

Goals last week:

  • Get more organized and make a better daily plan
  • Workout every morning with a 5 minute workout
  • Do a longer workout 3 days this week X2
  • Start working on a Challenge for PepperScraps
  • Log Calories 3 days
  • Menu Plan

Goals this week:

  • Workout every weekday morning with a 5 minute workout
  • Do a longer workout 2 days this week
  • Get revved up for the #64ozchallenge (have you joined yet?)
  • Log Calories 3 days
  • Menu Plan

The Menu:


Buffalo Egg Salad

  • Tuesday: Beet & Goat Cheese Open Face Sandwich (Recipe Coming Soon!)
  • Wednesday: Salad
  • Thursday: Salad
  • Friday: Walking Lunch
  • Saturday: Sausage Dog and Sweet Potato
  • Sunday:  Eat Out


Skinny Creamy Black Bean Chicken Soup

mexican meatloaf_4

  • Sunday: (church potluck)

What’s on your menu this week!? I would love it if you would share a favorite recipe or suggest a recipe to try for my family!


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