I created this watermelon cake 3 years ago and this year I want to recreate it, because this was one of my absolute favorite birthday cakes ever. This is a repost of my original post sharing about why I chose to have a watermelon birthday cake. Have you ever tried to have a fun or healthy alternative to a birthday cake?

Watermelon Birthday Cake

I thought about my birthday cake this year I knew what would happen, because it happens every year. Everyone would have a slice and I would be left half a cake, that I would guiltily eat for the next few days. You know you have done this before too!

I decided to figure out a healthy alternative to birthday cake this year. I wanted to make a watermelon cake. I felt bad for my guests, but decided it would be best for me and my family.

Healthy Birthday PartyHealthy Birthday Party

My husband even put candles in and I blew them out with Zarek sitting on my lap. This cake is a representative of what this year is for me: a year all about becoming a healthier me!

Watermelon Birthday Cake a healthy cake alternative

If you would like to make this cake too, it really isn’t that hard. Find a large watermelon that is pretty round.

  1. I started by cutting off both ends of the watermelon and then laying the flat edge on the counter.
  2. I then sliced off sides till I got a hexagon. I then sliced this large piece in half for the top half I took an inch off each edge then shaved it down to a circle shape.
  3. I used my cake plate, placed the large hexagon piece down first then placed the circle on top.
  4. To decorate I sliced strawberries and saved the best to use whole. Then I filled in the spaces with blue berries.

This would be fun dish to bring to a Fourth of July party or just a summer party. You can use any kinds of fruits to decorate. You could even get melon and make flowers with cookie cutters.

What has been your favorite birthday cake?

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Pepper Ferguson

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