Pepper’s Planning to Eat Mar 5-11

This week with meal planning and Plan to Eat  was great, I’m starting to plop recipes in as I go for future weeks, so this week I had 75% of my menu planned before I officially sat down and planned. Which was good because Friday I got out of work late so didn’t have any real time to plan, but I was still able to get the planning and the shopping done!

I hope you are enjoying these meal plans and enjoying this series. My hope is to help you with your meal planning and inspire your families meals to be simple and healthy!

I personally am on a high protein low carb diet and am a big believer in healthy fat so do not count my fat at this time.  I’m eating about 300 calories per meal so most of these recipes if you stick to the serving size are 300-350 calories per meal.

These recipes may not work for you, but take a look you may be able to modify them to your needs.

The Menu:



I hope you find some healthy inspiration for your next meal with my menu plan!

What’s on your menu this week!? I would love it if you would share a favorite recipe or suggest a recipe to try for my family!

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