How do you get great hits from Pinterest? How do you make your blog posts more pinnable?

These are just a sample of questions that I have received in the last couple weeks from fellow bloggers. This has been a big question for a lot of companies and bloggers as they are watching Pinterest become more and more popular.

Pin-Worthy Content

First make sure your blog post content is pin-worthy.

Start learning what posts on your blog may be popular on Pinterest. Research popular categories and subjects on Pinterest. What Pinners are looking for, what  is being pinned, and what is popular.

Now take a look at your blog. What are you posting about that matches what is being pinned and what is popular on Pinterest. Do you have categories on your blog that match categories on Pinterest?

Examples of Great Popular Posts: Recipes, Crafts, Tutorials, Inspiring Quotes, Fashion … and more.

Have a Pin Button

Make sure you have a Pin Button on your blog posts to make Pinning even easier for your readers. If you give it to them, they will use it!

4 WordPress Plugins I recommend:

Sharebar – This is the my favorite social media toolbar and you can see a great example of it on the right of this blog post! I did have to install the Pin button myself, but I  promise it is easy!

Sexy Bookmarks – This is the plugin that I used before Sharebar and I really like the options in buttons and it is one of the easiest tools to use.

Pin it on Pinterest – What I like about this plugin is that it adds a section in your post editor that you can control the picture that will be pinned and suggest what to say in the pin. But you can’t control the button on your post.

Pin It Button – One of the easiest plugins to install and you have control over where the button shows up, how it looks, and what pages it will be on.

Make Pin Perfect Pictures

The most important things you can do to make your post more pinnable is to create a “Pin Perfect Picture”!

I realized how much bloggers are missing out on this when I saw this great post by Bernita about how to care for your stamps! This post had great content, is a great example of a good how to post and fits perfectly under the crafting category on Pinterest! But when I pinned it I knew that most people would miss out on how great of a pin it was because the picture really didn’t say much.

Notice on her post all you can really pin is a picture of stamping products. As the blogger you have to hope the person pinning gives the perfect description for others to be interested and you have to hope others read the description.

To make a Pin Perfect Picture you really only need a picture, a good description and either Photoshop or a tool like PicMonkey. For the examples below I used PicMonkey just to show you don’t need to go out and buy Photoshop to do this.

Before and After:

Which would you be more likely to repin?

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