Popcorn for Dinner?

Popcorn for Dinner

It has been so hard cooking dinner on nights my husband is at school. It’s just me and the boys. I was reading about Popcorn for Dinner at Lasso the Moon and I thought, “What a perfect solution to dinner for the boys and me!” I was excited to start a new fun tradition.

But is Popcorn for Dinner Healthy?

I started really looking at the nutrition facts on air popped popcorn:

Serving Size 6 cups (48 g)
  • Calories 186
  • Total Fat 2
  • Carbohydrates 40
  • Dietary Fiber 8
  • Sugars 1
  • Protein 6
Vitamin A 1% | Iron 4% | B6 5% | Magnesium 8% | Antioxidants!!

I was actually surprised to see that protein content!

How to do Popcorn Night

I scheduled Popcorn for Dinner on our menu plan for Monday Nights. I searched for a few fun movies for the boys and put them in our Netflix List. I made sure we have lots of popcorn. I use an awesome Presto PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper(aff link).

I made 3 big bowls of popcorn, one for each of us. I added a little butter to our popcorn (I believe healthy fats are good, especially for children). I also placed a plate of cheese and apples on our coffee table for the boys to munch on as well to add a little more protein and a little sweet to our dinner.

We then picked out a movie and enjoyed our Popcorn Dinner snuggled up on the couch. It was fun and stress free!

Stay Continued…

We will be trying out a few different popcorn ideas over the next few weeks and see how Popcorn for Dinner does for us! I will be sharing how popcorn for dinner works out for us. I want to see if it fills the boys up. I also hope to share some fun popcorn recipes like peanut butter popcorn and Parmesan popcorn. So make sure to follow Pepper Scraps on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Pinterest.


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