Project 52: Self Portraits 2013

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Project 52 self portraits

Do you remember Project 52: Self Portraits in 2011? It was an amazing experience for me! The goal of the project was to take a photo of yourself every week.


New Inspiration!

I was inspired to do it again this year by a college friend. He was doing a Project 365 and he was encouraging people to take a photo of themselves every day. You can even see his video introducing his project.

Well he got an earful from a friend about how they didn’t like his project and how their Facebook feed was just pictures of Josh. He considered dropping the project, but then decided to switch it to a page instead. I loved his idea – because I knew his photos would be always funny, but also because he was putting himself out there. He was being bold and sharing a part of him.


My Goals

I wish I could do a 365 project, but a busy life as a Mom who works I just don’t always have my camera at hand. So my goal:

1 self portrait every week for the next 52 weeks! Who is with me?


But I Hate My Picture Taken!

If you hate pictures of yourself and are afraid to join in take these 2 steps:

  • Ask yourself 2 questions: why do I really dislike my own photos? Will this help with my self confidence?
  • Read Look Beyond the Picture and consider are there people in your life who may want photos of you now or later

Again I ask who is going to join me in this project?

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