Every night we read Zane a bedtime story. He loves books and he loves to be read to. This year I want to read to him every night from his new bible we got him. We gave it to him as a Christmas present.

The bible we bought him is The Jesus Storybook Bible. It is written so beautifully shining with the love of God.The illustrations are just as lovely and Zane likes to look at them as we read.

Tonight was our first night of reading. I read the introduction to him. One of my favorite lines was:

“It’s an adventure story about a young Hero who comes from a far country to win back his lost treasure. It’s a love story about a brave Prince who leaves his palace, his throne – everything – to rescue the one he loves. It’s like the most wonderful of fairytales that has come true in real life! You see, the best thing about this story is – it’s true.”

I enjoyed reading it to him so much that I read him the next story also. This one was about how God created the light and dark, the world, the animals, and us. I love how they wrote “‘You’re good’ God said.” You can see how a child would relate to being told they were good.

This year I hope to read a story from this Bible every night Zane gets his story. That way we can make a journey together that I hope will teach him the love that God has for him.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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