Let’s face it in a perfect eating healthy world we would not eat out. But life happens and sometimes we just have to make this choice. But you can still make good choices even eating out. One of the best ways to make good choices is to watch your calories.

One way I combated eating out was by creating Restaurant Rescue 3×5 cards. I chose restaurants that I had near my house, near my work, and that my husband and kids just like. I then created a 3×5 card that had a few different menu options that would keep me within my calorie budget for my meals. I keep these cards in my purse for eating our emergencies.


You can find one on every corner and they are the perfect meeting place. Many friends, clubs, and business meetings happen at Starbucks. But you don’t want to sit across from someone not drinking or eating anything in front of them. And you don’t want to make bad choices. The best option is to know exactly what your best options are.

You can read the full list of Food Nutrition and Drink Nutrition at Starbuck’s website. But that can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some meals I have created for your quick reference (you can download the cards below):

5 Breakfasts 375 Calories or Less

5 Lunches 375 Calories or Less

5 Snack Options 140 Calories or Less

Download Your FREE Restaurant Rescue Cards

Now you have some good options for when you are faced with eating out. Being prepared means that you will be less likely to overindulge and stay within your calorie budget. Want to be more prepared? Print these 3×5 cards to have available when you have an eating out emergency:
Starbucks Restaurant Rescue Cards

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What’s your favorite restaurant?

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