Let’s just admit it social media is a part of our lives even if we are a casual internet browser or a social media guru. We are constantly checking in with our friends and updating our status. One way to keep up with your updates and your friends updates is having the right tools on your phone and tablets! Here are a couple of my favorites.




Tweetdeck is my favorite social media app on my tablet and phone. I’ve tried the others but I love then columns and easy use of multiple accounts. But I will admit that sometimes it can be a little buggy on start-up. So if this bothers you or if you have more than your fair share of bugginess you may want to check out the next app. If you want to learn more about TweetDeck in general check out the Basics of TweetDeck.



Tweetcaster is my second option for a twitter app. I found it worked really well, I just wish I had more control of columns. I had this on my tablet when I went to a conference and I just remember it was really hard to keep up with the hashtag. Which is very important for me.

I found this app worked really well and didn’t seem to act buggy on my phone or tablet.

Google+ (not available on Tablet)

Have I mentioned that I’m a Google+ addict? I am very impressed with the first release of the Google+ App. I do wish it worked on my tablet though. With this app you can upload pictures straight to your unlimited uploads on Google+. You can also stay caught up with your notifications.


Have you heard about GetGlue? If not I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a movie, music, book and product social media site. Share what items you like or what are your favorites. But also “check in” what you are doing right now. Are you watching a movie, check in! Are you reading a book, check in! Also get recommendations from your likes and favorites!

Oh and did I mention the stickers? Once you get enough digital stickers you can ask them to send you the real deal! I’ve already gotten one set and it was awesome!

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