Motorola Bluetooth Headphones

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Summary: AT&T gave us the Motorola S11-HD wireless stereo headphones which are a nice easy alternative to having a wire attached to your device.


  • good sound
  • comfortable
  • convenient


  • battery life

Specs: Usb charging, a2dp bluetooth

Blue tooth Headphones_3

Android Dad’s Review:

I have used Motorola’s wireless bluetooth headphones for for a while.  I have enjoyed the ease and flexibility that they give me.  The sound quality of the headphones is good, the only draw back is that they are battery powered and need to be charged.

Blue tooth Headphones_1

The sound quality of these headphones is good.  The unit I have is skewed toward bass but not to much so.  The earbuds are comfortable and give reasonably good sound isolation.  I have been using the headphones at work and love not being tethered to a device.  The headphones have been quite comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.  Initially the setup of the headphones and they only took a few moments to pair to my phone.

Blue tooth Headphones

The only problem I have with the headphones is the battery.  The battery life is good but was not enough to get me through an entire day at work without charging them.


Over all I would recommend the motorola S11-HD headphones for anyone looking for a decent pair of wireless headphones.  If you are an audiophile or need long use then these may not be for you.  Other than those two situations these are a great pair of easy to use and comfortable wireless headphones.


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