SlingGrip for Kids Review

ThingSling sent us a few SlingGrips to review and giveaway for our blog opening. I hope you enjoyed Zane’s video review of the SlingGrip. As you can see in the video he loves his SlingGrip and he is very adept at holding his tablet with it!

6 Reasons I love SlingGrip for Kids

Kids Automatically Use It

I was really surprised how Zane instantly started using the SlingGrip. The owner of SlingGrip told me that kids use it intuitively but I was still surprised! I thought that it may just stay on his tablet unused, but I was wrong he automatically uses it without even thinking about it.

Fun Colors!

I think one of the ways SlingGrip appeals to kids is it comes in multiple colors. They can chose their favorite color for their device. You can see how Zane picked the white SlingGrip because he is the White Ninja. The Sling Grip comes in 6 colors: purple, green, white, black, pink, orange, and green. Which color would your kids pick?

It Works with Small Hands

They picked out a great elastic that fits small or large hands! Zane shows how awesome this elastic is really well in the video, especially how he can hold the device with one figure with the elastic.

Easy to Apply & Sticks Great

It was very easy to apply the Sling Grip to Zane’s tablet. On top of that the 3M Adhesive they use  is awesome! We have had the SlingGrip on for a month with no problems and you can see how much Zane relies on that adhesive when he uses the SlingGrip!

It Makes Moms Feel Better

“I just wanted to thank you so much again for winning. I love my SlingGrips and feel so much better when my daughter talks on the phone to her dad. No more worries about dropping it!” – Laura, Winner of Blog Opening Giveaway

“It Saves my Big Phone’s [tablet’s] Life!”

I had to just laugh when Zane said this! I did not prompt this at all, but he is so right. That is one complaint a lot of tablets get is that the outer surface can be slick and make it hard to hold. Especially for little hands. I’ve tried using a silicone cover but he hated it because it kept getting in his way. The SlingGrip has really helped him from dropping his tablet and feel more confident in holding it.’


If you are looking a way to protect your phone or tablet when your children hold it I highly recommend the SlingGrip!

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