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Blogging & Social Media

  • Avoiding Copyright Pitfalls of Pinterest – I’m sure you have been hearing the buzz on Pinterest and the legal questions that has come up since the huge popularity boom. I had wondered about this also when I first joined, but if you want the info straight from the (awesome) lawyers mouth check out this article. This is also a great blog to be subscribed to learn more about legal aspects of your blog.
  • New Facebook Pages with Timeline Design – 12 Pros & Cons – Speaking of big social media news this week, Facebook switched over Pages to their timeline design. Learn more about the pros and cons.
  • Do You Do Blog Challenges? – I love blog challenges, I’m currently doing one that is all about writing for your blog for 30 days straight (check out the next link). If you want to get some ideas on how to do a challenge at your blog you should read this article.
  • March Challenge ~ Content Creation Style – I’ve joined up on this challenge and as you can see from yesterday I already missed one day, but I’m going to still keep plugging at it. This challenge is one reason I’m bringing SSS back, and I’m so excited about that!
  • Why You Shouldn’t Care About Blogging Schedules – I was intrigued about this article because I was just working on some articles where some of the main points were to create a blogging schedule for yourself. If you find a schedule stifling you should check out Jeevan’s article.




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