Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny made it to your house. And I hope that you get to celebrate the full true meaning of Easter!

I’ve never been one to eliminate the supposed anti-christian things of holidays. Don’t know if this deals with how I was raised. Or that I feel if you know the true reason for the holiday and don’t get lost in the fun aspects of it then there is no harm done.  I don’t blame those who feel that they need to take those things out of their lives to focus on the true meanings and I think there are some great arguments to do this. But for us we enjoy the holidays in many fun and wonderful ways. And now I will step off my soapbox. 😉

I love bunnies, hey we even have one living in our house! And it’s always been a tradition to color Easter eggs as long as I remember. So this week we are celebrating Easter with Super Sunday Surfing and all the great Easter posts out there!

  • Peeptastic – What a fun activity to do with your kids and a great way to get rid of those zillion peeps that come in each package. I could maybe eat one but twelve!
  • the quick little bunny tutorial – Cutest things ever! I’m seriously running upstairs right now to raid my misc lost sock basket!
  • Spring Captured – This may be a good use for some of those knick knacks you found in your Easter basket this morning.
  • Bunny Love – A paper standing bunny, who could ask for more. Oh you can make it out of any of your scrapbooking paper too. Match your decor! Gotta love it!!
  • Build a Bunny Printable – You may want to print this out today and do with your little ones, what fun!
  • The Peace Child – I have heard this story before, but it’s a good one. Hope you enjoy too.
  • My Biggest Debt Paid – So True!
  • Empty Tomb Marshmellow Bites – Make something with your kids today and help them learn more about this special day!

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