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8 Best Android Apps for Readers

If you love to read then you love your phone or your tablet, because you can carry your books, articles, magazines right with you anywhere. Here are some of the top android ebook readers, pdf readers, rss feed readers and more. Kindle Let’s face it if you have any device you should have this app! …

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Top 12 Android Apps for Preschoolers

With Zane we didn’t do preschool, he really loved learning on his own. Really he still does. Zarek on the other hand is not excited about learning his ABCs. It is funny how each boy is so different. These apps are some that Zane enjoyed and some that I’m trying to use to encourage learning …

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Green Eggs Frittata – Happy Dr Seuss Day!

Happy Dr Seuss Day! Isn’t it just perfect that Dr Seuss Day landed on a Friday! Here we are on Frittata Friday and I made this frittata to use for a St Patrick post, but then realized it’s perfect for Dr Seuss Day. I thought this might be a good way to try and sneak some greens into my boys. Zane …


Our little reader: I Love You Because You’re You

Zane loves to “read” every nap time and evening. He loves to “read” himself to sleep. He will look through the pages over and over. He even memorizes what is on the pages. Which our little boy has a huge library for his age, but he can tell you about the monkey’s eating pop-a-cicles and …

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Easy Owl Donuts!
Free Printable Star Wars Valentines
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Healthy Broccoli Salad
Spaghetti Squash with Peanut Sauce
Spaghetti Squash with Peanut Sauce
Easy Owl Donuts!