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Why Moms Need To Get In The Photo Too
Family Time

Why Moms Need to be in the Photo

If you are like me you hate to see photographs of yourself. You criticize every detail of the photo until you delete it or burn it. In the beginning of 2010 I made the goal to start taking more photos of myself. I became passionate that moms need to take more photos of themselves. They needed to …

Challenges Getting Healthy

#fitbloggingchallenge: What Makes You Happy? Finding Joy

It is day 1 of the March Health and Fitness Challenge by Janice at Fitness Cheerleader. Today’s prompt was: What brings happiness in your life? In the video I talk about one of my favorite books, that really changed my life. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp (Affiliate Link) One Thousand Gifts gave me a new perspective …

Getting Healthy

A Challenge to You

I’m currently doing Nicole Kellerman’s 21 Day Get Moving Challenge, which I will be the first admit I’m struggling with getting the challenge into my crazy week this week. I liked today bonus challenge so I thought I would share it with you and send the challenge your way too! The Challenge: Write down 10 …


Love Homework: Post It!

ManWifeDog invited me to a great new link up she has created: The Love Homework Linky Party. I am excited to join in. I have been having such a crazy week, okay month, that I know my poor little hubby is starting to feel a little neglected. I thought that this would be a great way to get a reminder to give him a little more love and would be a great way to get some new ideas.

This week’s challenge was easy:

Write a little message on a post it for your husband and leave it somewhere you know he’ll find it. What did you write? What was his reaction? Did it spark any interesting conversation?

What did I write?

It took me a little bit to figure out what I wanted to write on my note and I wasn’t super creative, but that’s okay I can’t be miss creative all the time!

TJ was going to stop on his way home to grab dinner for us, because I was hosting #commenthour yesterday evening. I really appreciate how much he does these evening that I host the chat. He gets the boys away and gives them their bath and puts them to bed on these evenings. Which a lot of wives talk about how their husbands just don’t understand this online world and he is so understanding about it. My online presence is a lot about my business and helping me grow it.

This made me want to let him know how much I appreciate his support with my business. He is my constant cheerleader as I try to grow my business!

So I quickly jot down on the note, “Thank you for supporting me in my business! <3 you so much!” and I placed the post it on our door where he would find it as he brought in the dinner.

What was his reaction? What was the conversation?

He right away asked me why I left the note. I let him know how much I appreciate him and his support. I let him know that even little things like picking up dinner mean a lot to me and really help me out. He had a goofy smile like I was silly to thank him for something he thought was so small.

He asked me if I really did feel like he was supporting me and this surprised me. I had always thought he had known how much I rely on him for support and that he was a huge support. But I must not say it enough or maybe I haven’t said it before. I suddenly was so happy I had left the post it note because it had told him something that I thought he had already known. Now he knows that he really is a support and that I even see the small things as so helpful.

So, thank you, ManWifeDog, I really appreciate your invite because even this little small thing really did help my husband and helped us communicate something that I thought had already been said!

As far as my other readers I hope you will join in! You might be surprised at what you find out in your marriage. You might have an aha moment just as I did! What is something you think you take advantage for in your relationship with your husband that he may need to hear from you?


Project 52: Favorite Feature

I was a little stressed this week over the theme favorite feature – what is my favorite feature. I was actually surprised how hard it was to decide on a feature that I liked. I thought about my toes because I have cute short toes, but then I would need a pedicure to get a picture that I super liked. LOL

Then this morning it came to me my nose! I actually really like my nose. It’s small but not too small and I even have the a perfect little ridge for my nose ring to sit. Okay now I’m done talking about myself here is the picture:

Project 52: Favorite Feature

Join Project 52: Self Portraits

Project 52 self portraitsLynda (from Daily Window) and I are putting up a new linky every Monday and inviting you to participate in this project with us. This week the linky will be up a little late as we are looking for a good linkup tool.

Each week has a new theme (though this is just a suggestion not a requirement). This was the schedule for February:

The themes for March will be:

  • 2/28:  Raw (or unedited)
  • 3/7: Hidden
  • 3/14: Being Green
  • 3/21: Past & Present

You have a full week to link up with us. There are only two rules:

  1. You should share a recently taken self-portrait
  2. The link should be the absolute URL of your photo or entry, not a link to your homepage. Links to Flickr pages are fine!

If you want to use the Project 52 badge feel free and grab it and use it on your post. You don’t have to do every week with us you can post just once even and you don’t have to follow the weekly theme either. We just hope that you will join us for some fun.

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