I ran into the Target pharmacy to pick up the prescription I had called in hoping to just run in and out. I watched as an older lady talked to an older gentleman pharmacist waiting for my turn. The woman opened up the bottle and poured its contents into her hand making sure they gave her the right pills.

She threw the bottle down on the counter and the gentleman stepped away.  A problem was brewing, I thought to myself and sighed as a second person lined up behind me.

The gentleman asked me my name and I happily gave it to him, maybe it was going to be quicker than I thought.

One of the young pharmasists came down and started ringing up the the older lady.

“She will ring you up in just a second,” the gentleman said. I realised he either didn’t know how or wasn’t allowed to use the cash register. I gave him a smile, I’m happy to be patient, it was nice of him to grab my bag for me.

He piles up the bags of the customers lined up behind me.

My attention is back to the older lady. She grabs out a sack of potatoes from her half full cart, “Can you ring up the rest of this too?”

Seriously? I think as I survey her cart half filled with everything from produce to a bra.

“I would normally but since we have a line I really can’t.” The young girl replied.

“Well I expect you to at least ring this up.” I’m not sure if she was speaking of her prescription or another pharmacy item, but she threw it at the girl.

At that point I made a decision, I wanted make sure that the girl knew that I appreciated her refusing to ring the lady up. I didn’t want her to have her last experience with her good customer service decision to be the negative reaction of that woman.

As the girl typed in my order I stated, “I wanted to thank you for refusing to ring her up.”

“What?” She was obviously caught off guard by my statement and I repeated myself. We smiled at each other and she said, “I just find that rude to even ask.”

What’s your point?

So what is my point behind this story? Sometimes you need to stop and thank someone. What they may have done may have been small or simple to do. Yet if you take the time and reward their good deed with a simple thank you, you may make their day. You may make a lasting impression. They may be more likely to do the right thing again.

Blogging Society

Has this been lost in the blogging world? Has technology and busy-ness stopped us from taking the time to stop and thank others?

Sure you can tweet a “TY”, but what impression can you make with someone if you stop and write a blog post thankimg them. Try this and see what happens. Take the time and encourage someone straight from your blog. I think you will not only create an impression on them, not only will you create an advocate for your blog, but you may even make a friend.

My Thank You’s

I’m dedicating this post to Lynda from Daily Window and Kim from Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier. Both of these ladies have been great online friends and have been a great encouragement to me as I grow my blog. These ladies are wonderful and I hope you will take some time and visit them.

Written by

Pepper Ferguson

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