Telling Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews

This is actually my second time reading Amy Lynn Andrew’s eBook Telling Your Time. I even purchase the newest version of her book which I’m happy I did! Ready to learn more about her book. Read my quick and easy review:

5 things I learned

Equating time to weight loss – minutes scheduled needs to be less than minutes in a day. Budget your time just as you budget your calories.

To not schedule every minute or live by the clock. I needed permission to not do everything, to let me know I was being to strict with myself.

Many times we make external changes, but it never works out because we really need to make internal changes. Here is another great analogy that is just like the weight loss mentality, we buy the workout clothes, the gym membership, the perfect app, but we don’t work on the issues that got us overweight and we are surprised when we fail.

Two of the most important roles you can add to your list of roles are self and dreamer. You are not adding self to make you center but because you are aware that none of your other roles can be accomplished without taking care of yourself. You need to add dreamer because if you don’t add your dreams to your schedule none of your dreams will really come about.

Writing everything you want and need to do may make you realize you may be trying to do too much.

6 amazing quotes

“Effective time management is not the key to a completed to do list, it’s the key to an accomplished life”

“Take control. Tell time how to work for you. Don’t be subject to it.”

“… your most important roles have to do with relationships. At the end of your life, relationships will be what really mattered and everything else … will pale in comparison.”

“Do not underestimate the importance of sleep. Because it’s so vital to your overall health and well-being, guard it fiercely!”

“Be realistic … If you are not realistic and try to squeeze in too much into your schedule, you’re only setting yourself up for failure.”

“… you should spend less time doing what you have to do and more time doing what you were made to do.”

5 reasons I recommend the book

Too many things on your schedule? Learn how to prioritize what you really want to do and learn to cut out the unnecessary.

Learn to not focus on specific goals but what your roles in life are. Prioritize these roles and find your true goals.

Don’t just use this book to make a daily life schedule. Use it to break down your business and blogging goals. Create a work schedule that will guide you to those specific goals.

Don’t get overwhelmed with knowing where to start. Learn to create your schedule simply step by step.

Even if you are not ready to jump into a full schedule learn how to prioritize your time. Use this system to create a loose  schedule.

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Telling Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews

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Do you have a daily schedule? A weekly schedule? What is your best tip for sticking to it?

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