Everyone in our house is getting sick. I think it is a test of my mommy skills. Two sick babies, one sick daddy and one sick mommy trying to take care of everyone else.

It started with a runny nose from Zaney. Which I have no idea where he would have gotten something, we haven’t been around anyone. Must have been from a shopping cart or something. He’s really been in a fine mood and still sleeping through the night. Which I thought the stuffiness might bother him but no. TJ said this morning he didn’t seem to be feeling sick at all. So hopefully he is over it. I have been giving him Hyland’s Sniffle N Sneezes which I love Hyland teething tablets so I figured I would try these. Plus one of the main ingredient is the same thing you find in Zicam and I love Zicam.

I have been having troubles with Zarek I thought maybe he was going through a growth spurt or teething or something. I knew he was too young to be teething. But I couldn’t figure out why he was eating every hour, drooling so his whole front was wet, and so fussy he couldn’t sleep.

Last night TJ started getting a sore throat and then it hit me what has been going on with Zarek. Poor little guy has a sore throat and last night he started getting stuffy. And I don’t know any baby who likes to have his nose cleaned out or as I call it squigied. 🙂 I called the peditrician and they don’t want me to give him tylenol in case he starts getting a fever. So poor little guy can’t have anything to make him feel better.

After TJ mentione his sore throat I realize, you no what my throat is starting to feel tingley. So this morning I ran to the store and got us some Cold-Eeze drops. I was going to get Zicam but couldn’t get myself to spend over $13 and then decide who should get it when TJ went to work. I figured with the Cold-Eeze drops we could split them up and they were half the cost. So I will let you know if they work. I will say TJ hates the taste of them (I got Strawberry & Cream because that was the only flavor he would try) because the taste gets a little overwhelming after a bit.

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Pepper Ferguson

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