GlutenFree Fast Three Bakers Bread Challenge

I am currently working for Three Bakers Gluten Free Bread. I asked them to send me some bread to try so I knew what it was like, but also I wanted to try a gluten free fast for Zane. They sent me 2 loaves of bread, a package of buns, and a package of hoagie rolls. This is a multiple part series about us trying Gluten Free for Zane you can start here if you want to read the first post: The Gluten Free Fast: Getting Started.

I’ve been trying all kinds of gluten free bread to compare to Three Bakers and I was really surprised by how much I learned from this process. I included the nutrition for each bread so you can compare them. The nutrition is for one slice of bread.

I have some breads that will do okay for us that we can get at the store, but I’m going to be turning in a Product Request Form into my local store to ask them to carry Three Bakers Bread.

Costco: Essential’s Baking (I believe this was the brand)

I was excited to find gluten free bread at Costco, but I was soon very disappointed. The bread was packaged in a sealed bag that you had to cut open to get into. The issue was I had to re-bag the bread in a Ziploc to keep it fresh. On top of that the bread was dark and crusts thick which meant my kids only ate half the bread, they hate crust. Really they didn’t want to eat it at all the taste was very dark and grainy.

Pepper’s review: Taste was okay, but not my favorite. Crust was dry and seeds almost seemed burned.

Zane’s review:  Did not like the taste at all.

Nutrition: Sorry tossed the bag & they don’t post the information

Udi’s White Sandwich Bread

Udi’s tasted good and was very light and airy, but the loaves are very small. I would have had to make the boys two sandwiches to get them filled up with their slices. I really wanted a bread that is going to be filling for the boys. The cost was pretty high on the Udi’s in store as well.

Pepper’s review: Taste was okay, just plain. Felt a little like eating air though.

Zane’s Review: Didn’t notice a difference in this bread.

Nutrition: Cal 70 | Carbs 11 | Sugar 1 | Fiber .5 | Protein 2

Franz Mountain White

I was actually very surprised to find the Franz Gluten Free Bread to be actually pretty good. I wasn’t expecting much from such a big brand name. Though Franz was also the most expensive bread I have bought. Again the crust was thicker, so there was wasted bread when the boys ate it.

Pepper’s review: Surprisingly good, but cost was high.

Zane’s Review:  Zane was not so sure about it. He also didn’t eat a lot of the bread due to the crusts.

Nutrition: Cal 90 | Carbs 17 | Sugar 3 | Fiber 2 | Protein 1

Rudi’s Multigrain

Took me forever to figure out this was in the freezer section, but I guess that is normal. The bread was light, between the texture of Udi’s and Three Bakers, but their were bubble holes throughout the bread. I may have gotten a bad loaf, but makes me hesitate to get another. I also found the bread dry.

Pepper’s review: Good taste, but a little disappointed in the quality of the loaf. Also found a bit dry and hard to swallow.

Zane’s Review: Zane hasn’t tried it yet because it took me so long to find it in a store.

Nutrition: Cal 90 | Carbs 17 | Sugar 3 | Fiber 2 | Protein 2

Three Bakers Whole Grain White

This is our favorite for cost, texture, moisture and crust. Zane’s favorite bread has been the Three Bakers Whole Grain White. He actually even eat the crust because it is so moist and light. I actually had to have him try the crust again, because after all the other breads he tried he didn’t want to eat it. He tried it and said, “Yum, I do like it.”

I also love that I’m supporting a family owned business when I purchase Three Bakers.

Pepper’s review: I loved it from the first bite. Nice dense bread that was super moist.

Zane’s Review: This is Zane’s favorite for flavor and crust.

Nutrition: Cal 70 | Carbs 15.5 | Sugar 1 | Fiber 2.5 | Protein 1

To Be Continued …

I will be writing more about how our fast is going and things we learn as we go through it. Next week I will be sharing some of our favorite foods we have found. So stay tuned!

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