The Story of The Comment Cocktail Hour

Once upon a time there was two gals in a chat talking about their new hang out, The SITS Forum. They enjoyed hanging out in the forum but something was missing. They noticed no one from their new hang out was visiting them on their blogs. They wanted to get to know these new friends and have these new friends get to know them better as well.

They remembered a time that they had participated in a fun little chat and how they would love to try something similar with their SITStas. They decided to create a twist on something old.

The idea was to get all the lovely ladies of the SITS community together one night a week to visit each other, get to know one another, to find new friends, and share their own little place on the internet.

That is how the Comment Cocktail Hour was born.

Love, Jenny & Pepper

Are you ready to join in?? Visit the SITS today for more details!

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