Top Android Apps for Moms

Let’s face it Mom’s are busy and the one of your best tools to make your life easier is your phone and/or tablet. Let’s look at 16 apps that can help organize you and your family, help you become super mom, and of course give you more time to spend with your loved ones. – Recipe Search

All the Cooks

If you love to find new recipes then Recipe Search by is the app for you! Over 100,000 recipes to look through. But on top of that you get great photos of the recipes and you can read reviews on the recipes that you want to try. If you have your own recipes you can add them and even get feedback from other users if you want.

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Food Planner


Food Planner is one of my newest finds and I have to say it’s been love at first site. Menu planning is always a struggle for me and I’m constantly trying to find ways to make it easier. With Food Planner you can add or upload your favorite recipes and plan your menu for the next week or the next month. I am a big online recipe fan and I love that I can find recipes from large recipe sites or Google search and add it to my recipes database! Once you plan your recipes you can add the ingredients you need to your shopping list.

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Out of Milk Shopping List

Out of Milk

This shopping list app has more than just a shopping list for you, you can create a pantry list and have a to do list. With Out of Milk you can also have multiple shopping lists and sync your lists with others. Quickly create a list for hubby to pick up from the store on his way home from work. If you forgot to add something you can even add to the list before he gets to the store and when he syncs it he will have everything you need right on his phone. You can also save money by looking through the specials being offered at your local stores and adding the sale items to your shopping list.

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Shopular – Mobile Coupons & Deals


Every Mom is looking for the best deal for items for her family and with this app you can have it right in your hand. Shopular gives you access to the circulars, coupons, and deals from your local mall. You can find deals from Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Bath & Body Works, Charlotte Russe, Express, Forever 21, H&M, Macy’s, Hollister, Old Navy, Starbucks, Ulta, Victoria’s Secret, Wet Seal. Weekly Circulars are available for stores like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and more. When you are planning your shopping trips you can quickly browse the ads and find what you want to pick up.

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Retail Me Not

I like using RetailMeNot with Shopular because I like that I can search for the store that I’m walking into and get a hot little coupon in my hand right away. There are tons of codes for online deals also, so make sure to pull this app out when you are shopping online. I love how if they don’t have coupons from a store you can tell them that you would like coupons. They take your input to get even more deals for you. I recently used this app the other day, I had a Kohl’s 20% off coupon that the cashier could scan straight from my phone and it made me so happy to save even a little more on something I had to get. It also helped me chose between two different stores to purchase from.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.whaleshark.retailmenot’ name=’RetailMeNot’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’] Personal Finance


Talking about buying and saving, one of the hardest things for a family is keeping a good budget and really understanding their spending habits. has been around for years and recently has won a dozen awards for being a great app. can help you create a budget for your family and when you connect your accounts you can see how and where you are spending your money.

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Check – Bills & Money

CheckWhile working on your budget on your phone the Check (formerly Pageonce) app can help you pay your bills straight from your phone or tablet. You will receive reminders when a bill is due, see your account balances, and pay your bill right from the app with your bank account or credit card. You can also schedule the payments if you want. The Check app hopes to help you have less stress over your bills and every mom needs a little less stress.

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InstagramIf you haven’t tried Instagram, beware if you start now you will become addicted! What I love about Instagram is that I can take photos of my boys and share them on facebook to our friends and family right away. I have a constant record of things we have done together and I can look through all our wonderful memories! I love keeping track of how my boys grow and change. I will be talking more about how I use Instagram as a mom to store more than smiles and trips later on The Android Family.

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LINE Camera


Once you start getting addicted to Instagram, or if you already are an addict, you may want to edit your photos more. With LINECamera you can add borders, create fun effects, add stickers and add words to your photos! This app makes your Instagram feed turn into your own personal scrapbook. This is just one of my favorite photo editors, I will have to share more soon!

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 iRewardChart Lite


iRewardChart Lite lets you set up up responsibilities for your child each week.Your child then earns a star for each time they preform the task. They can redeem their stars for rewards that you create anything from money to extra game time. This is the Lite version, you can add one child and track four chores or behaviors. After you have gotten to play with this app you can consider purchasing the full app for $3.99. With the full app you can pick more chores and behaviors to track and you can have more than one child set up on the app.

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Time Out Timer

Time Out TimerI find it hard to watch the clock while one boy is in time out and the other is running around. Plus I’m not always right by our microwave timer. This simple timer app really helps out. You can set up each child with their name and age. The timer will create a count down with one minute per year of age. You can restart the timer with just one click (which is helpful when a child isn’t staying in time out like they should). This is app is very simple, but really is everything you need for timeouts. I also find it helpful for countdowns when the boys are doing things like cleaning up or getting dressed for bed.

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Kid Mode: Free Games + Lock

Kid Mode

I’m sure you have heard the horror stories of children buying thousands of dollars worth of apps on their parents phone. I highly recommend getting a lock for your phone if you let them use it without you sitting right next to them. One of my favorite kid locks, that we have used for years, is Kid Mode by Zoodles. You can set up each of your children to be able to log into their own version of Kid Mode. Kid Mode collects dozens of games and videos from online that are age appropriate for each child. You can also add in your own downloaded apps into your child’s list of games available to them. Best of all the app locks so your child cannot get out of Kid Mode and into anything they are not supposed to.

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Toddler Lock  Toddler Lock

While trying to buy my first tablet we found this app to keep Zane entertained, a toddler in a Electronics store while they try to sell you a warranty is not a happy boy. We have downloaded Toddler Lock to every phones since then. Toddler Lock is so simple but kids just love it. They drag their finger across the screen and it draws in rainbows of color, they tap the screen and shapes start popping up, and all the while it makes a soft chiming noise that is actually very soothing. This app also locks all the buttons on your phone so your child can’t get into anything else. To get out of the app you just tap all four corners of your screen and you have your phone back.

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Parenting Ages & Stages

Parenting Ages & Stages

Am I the only mom that is always curious about the stage that their child is currently in? The Parenting Ages & Stages app gives you articles on behaviors or phases that you may be currently dealing with. You customize the app by adding your child’s age and a photo and then you can go straight to the section that fits them the best. The first time I opened this app I was instantly sucked in seeing the articles about the current things I was dealing with Zarek. If your a mom that likes to suck in as much information as you can this is the app for you.

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The first few years I was a mom I lost one of my favorite hobbies: reading. It was so hard to pick up a book only to be interrupted, losing my place, or just not being nearby when I actually did have a few moments to myself. Then I got my first Android phone and got the Kindle app. I adore this app because I can quickly get in just a few minutes of reading here and there. At doctor appointments, during breaks at work, or when my son falls asleep on me while cuddling. You always have your phone with you, you can download a new book at anytime, and Kindle app keeps track of where you stopped reading.

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MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter


If you are looking to get a little healthier or just like to keep a journal on your food and/or exercise MyFitnessPal is one of the best out there. MyFitnessPal has the largest food database of any food journal app. You can even add food to your journal by scanning the barcode. You can keep track of your weight, measurements, food (including all kinds of nutrients), exercise, and find friends to help keep you accountable. MyFitnessPal will sync with many other apps and devices. My FitBit syncs automatically with MyFitnessPal and MyFitnessPal syncs back with the FitBit website too. I personally have lost over 80lbs in a year and half and have been maintaining my weight for 6 months, but you can read more about that at Pepper Scraps.

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Happy Mother’s Day

I hope that you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and that you try a few of these apps to make your life a little simpler and less stressful. Don’t forget to stop by the current giveaway for a Portenza case! Maybe win yourself a special Mother’s Day present!

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