Top 8 Apps for College Students

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As a college student, the adage “work smarter not harder” couldn’t be more applicable. These are the best apps for getting school done in an efficient way, opening your schedule for the more inviting elements of college.

Blackboard Mobile™ Learn


A quick and easy way to stay up with homework. If your school uses Blackboard for homework, announcements, and quizzes, you’re going to want the Blackboard application for your Android device.

doubleTwist with Magic Radio


Doubletwist is a great multimedia tool. From listening to your favorite playlists to watching movies, this app does it all. On top of that, it’s ideal for anyone migrating from their Apple ecosystem on to the Android platform.

Amazon Student


This is a great app for finding deals geared toward students. No need to search high and low for those great students deals since they’re all in one place with this app.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator


This application is perfect for capturing those notes and pages you’ll need later. A simple picture doesn’t always do the trick, and being able to turn it into a PDF makes it a great tool for helping classmates on every platform.



Airdroid is a Godsend for students wanting to access their phones without fear of penalization. Since most teachers forbid phones in class, bypassing the system and indulging in a little collegiate rebellion was never so efficient.



This is a great app for managing expenses between roommates. I use it every month to divide bills, meaning one less bit of stress to deal with.



In my opinion, this is the best way to manage homework. Since it syncs with Google Tasks, you can stay on top of your work, whether you’re on your phone or your computer.



This is a great way to collaborate and study. Students in my language class have made note cards, making studying a breeze. You get to collaborate and contribute with ease, and as a plus, it looks great!

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